Please fix SmugMug login !!



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    Elena Blum

    Hi Gian-Reto,

    We are aware of the possible compatibility issues with MacOS Catalina and Photolemur, but right now, we are mainly focused on developing Luminar, so there is no exact info yet regarding the next update. Please stay tuned. 

    It also may be due to the limitations that SmugMug automatically imposes due to its security settings. 

    Please try the following:

    1. Log in to your Smug Mug account using a web browser: 
    2. Access your Account Settings (see the screenshot:
    3. Switch to the Privacy Tab. 
    4. Scroll down to the list of Authorized Services and locate Photolemur there: 
    5. Click on "Change" to edit the permissions and set "Full" access and "Add" permissions, see: Click Save.
    6. Try to perform export once again. 


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