Luminar 3.2?




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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi! We are working on it. First, we will release an update for Luminar 4 and then for Luminar 3. We will keep our word.

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    Guy Meacham

    I'm not holding my breath despite what they claimed! I believe L4 already has CR3 support but they didn't add it to L3. In L4 it seems they stuck with the clunky catalog database method rather than sidecar files so no chance in hell for L3. I didn't buy L4 so am resigned to L3 being the end of my Skylum adventure.

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    Kate Williams


    Luminar 3.2.0 will have CR3 support. 

    There will be no changes to the Library in this Luminar 3 update (feature-wise). However, 3.2.0 is not the last Luminar 3 release. We'll add IPTC editing and a search tool in the future, as promised. Stay tuned. 

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