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    Helena Carter

    Mname Sname,

    Hi. I can't locate any communication history under your email you're registered on the forum with. However, I assume you're referring to the ability to add multiple skies at once, is it correct?

    If so, currently, you can add one Sky at a time. However, we will consider adding the ability to load multiple skies at once in the future.

    If you're facing any issues with Sky Replacement Filter, please, reach us via so we could assist you.

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    Steve Ratts

    Mname Sname

    Asking for Skylum to add an obviously useful feature like this is about as useful as waiting for it to happen without asking - The best you're likely to get is for them to say thanks for suggesting it and assure you that they'll pass along the suggestion to their developers - but nothing is going to come of that.

    In the mean time searching this forum may help you. All you really need to do is locate the folder where Luminar stores its replacement sky images and place the ones you bought there. The next time you open the app they'll be there for you!

    On a PC I'm told it's here: C:\Program Files\Skylum\Luminar 4\profiles\SkyTextures

    For a Mac it's a bit more complicated, but really not terribly hard. See more here:

    See also these threads:

    Really, it's such a trivially easy process that the fact the developers haven't solved this already should be a point of immense shame to them. Perhaps they're so embarrassed at their own incredible shortcomings that the weight of their own shame prevents them from fixing this trivial problem? That's my guess.



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    Helga Rowles

    Just a disclaimer: we don't recommend the workaround described in the post above as it might cause stability problems.

    However, our developers are considering adding the ability to upload multiple skies in the future.

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