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    Margaret Bright


    We are currently devoting our time not only to Luminar 4 but we are also working on future updates for Luminar 3. You can check what we are planning for them here:

    The approximate time of the new Luminar 3 update is around January 2020. Please stay tuned!

    As for the performance issues, usually, the performance depends on the number of photos you have in your catalog, their format (it can take a bit more time to load RAW or TIFF files), your hardware configuration, and the place where you store your photos (it works faster when the photos are located on an internal drive).

    Nevertheless, we are constantly improving the speed of our apps to provide our artists with the best quality. In fact, it's one of our top priorities at the moment.

    If you would like us to address the performance issues, please contact our Support Team via this link and they will suggest some tips on how to improve the app's performance.

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    Mitch Kite

    I would like also like to know when Luminar 3 will be updated.  We've been more than patient!  Skylum promised that they still plan on updating Luminar 3 to address performance issues.  So, it's officially been over a year since Luminar 3 was initially released and although performance is slightly improved, it is still horrible compared to what we expect.  I don't even use L3 anymore since the experience is so frustrating.  I hope you keep your word and fix Luminar 3 and not just devote all your time to Luminar 4.   In my opinion, Luminar 4 should have never been released since it was no more ready than Luminar 3.  I'm sure that you are already planning for Luminar 5, but please fix your current versions first.

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