When will LUMINAR users get watermark in bulk export?




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    Elena Blum

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you very much for your appeal and your feedback.

    For now we can only offer you a workaround: https://manual.skylum.com/4/en/topic/using-an-image-layer?q=watermark

    As all our plans pertain to Luminar as a universal editing platform, so we'll be sure to consider implementing it in future releases. 

    We will keep you posted on when it's available.

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    Tom Treuten

    Hi Elena!
    Thx for the Response but honestly this answer is not convincing nor can I believe it. This is the same answer ever since Luminar3 ... And nothing happens. No matter how often this comes up in your forums. The workaround is totally unacceptable or usable when talking about bulk. Imagine preparing more than 100 pics for your web gallery with watermark and at the same time without watermark for your own portfolio/book . This is unbearable. And brings up the second big missing feature: virtual copies of photos to have several different versions of one picture without need to create real copies x-times uofront.

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    Colin Grant

    That is why Luminar is only really useful as a plugin to one of the more complete apps.


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    Pavel Rýdl

    I agree with Tom, same situation here .. I need 60 images with watermark and without watermark for other purposes. It's a pain to create image layers for every photo.

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