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    Helena Carter

    Hi Everyone,

    I will make sure forward your feedback to our developers. We will definitely consider changing that in the future.

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    Per Grunditz

    Unfortunately it is not possible to add skies to the drop down menu. The same goes for LUTs and textures. Hopefully Skylum will change this in a future version! Presently, you have to use the "Load Custom Sky Image…" feature found at the bottom of the drop down menu. Very annoying!

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    Roy Blackwell

    For now this works for me on my Windows machine: 1) I moved the default sky images to my own sky images collection folder, 2) when I select Load Custom Sky Image I do not have to scroll to the bottom of the list, and 3) when I navigate to the folder where my sky images are located, I have a nice preview of them.

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    Maggi Marmion

    Thanks Guys for your feedback!  

    It is annoying ! :-(

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    In Windows the default location for the skies that are shipped with L4 is ...  

    C:\Program Files\Skylum\Luminar 4\profiles\SkyTextures

    Assumably there will be a similar location for Mac.

    Other skies can be copied to that location and will appear in the dropdown list however, as per the L4 default shipped skies, there's no preview.

    Because of the lack of preview Roy's suggestion is probably the better solution.     

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    Chris Torrance

    On a Mac, do the following:

    1. Ensure Luminar 4  is NOT running

    2. Open a Finder window and go to the Applications Folder

    3. Right Click on Luminar 4 and select Show Package Contents

    4. Double click on the Contents folder

    5. Double click on the Frameworks folder

    6. Double Click on the MPLuminar4Resources.framework folder

    7. Double click on the Resources folder

    8. Double click on the SkyTextures folder ***(You might want to back this folder up first, just in case)

    9. Open a second Finder Window and navigate to your unzipped purchased new set of skies 

    10.  Double click that folder to open it and then select all the contents )all your skies .jpeg files)

    11. Right click and select Copy

    12. Switch to the finder window that is open to the SkyTextures folder

    13. Paste the copied files into that folder.

    Now, when you launch Luminar 4 your newly purchase set of skies will appear in the drop down list.

    I must say that having to do this is SILLY.  I guess I can see why they wouldn't want you to put your own skies into the same list (OK not really, but let's give em the benefit of the doubt), but Sky Packs that you purchase from them??

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