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    Kate Williams

    @Thomas, an apt suggestion. 


    Let me please answer the author's question:

    All versions of Aurora launched before Aurora HDR 2019 will not be updated to be compatible with Catalina, as they are the legacy software. 

    Aurora HDR 2019 will get its compatibility update in the future. We don't have a set date just now. It's already been notarized in Apple and the compatible version is already available at the AppStore.

    The next step will be to fix some of the compatibility issues (including, the error when using Photos Extension).

    For now, I would recommend configuring Catalina to open the apps that haven't been notarized, according to the instruction here:

    If the error message "The software needs to be updated" appears when launching Aurora HDR 2019, try reinstalling the app using the notarized installer:

    Download AppCleaner from here: 

    AppCleaner is a free app that automatically removes not only the applications themselves but also the related files, making 'clean' uninstall easy.

    When removing Aurora HDR 2019, mark all the files and folders in the list, except for

    Once you've uninstalled the app, restart your Mac and download a fresh version from here: 

    Hope it answers the question. 

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    Vita Bergman

    Hi Fred!

    Could you please specify if you are referring to Aurora HDR 2019?

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    Thomas Albert

    Perhaps when responding to a question with a request for more information, you might consider labeling the original with a "more information requested from writer" rather than "answered," because as you know, requesting more information is not the same as "answered."

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