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    Kate Williams

    Hi Mike, 

    The ratings are applied to both images - that's how the software works with RAW+JPEG pairs. 

    The images need to meet the following requirements to  be recognized as a RAW+JPG pair:

    • 2 photos must be located in the same folder. 
    • The photos need to have the same names, but different file formats. 

    Thus, the only way to enable the workflow you've described would be to change one of the parameters above  - either to place the files into different folders or modify the names of the files (N.B. in the latter case, it's better to do so while the app is running). 

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    Ralf Krumm

    Hi Mike

    As Kate already explained it is not possible to get only 1 result, when RAW and JPEG files are in the same folder. I also shot RAW and JPEG and to get a well structure in my photolibrary here is myworkflow.

    Before transferring the photos from the card to my PC I issue a folder (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD name - processed = 2019-12-22 Christmas decoration - Processed) - In this folder I issue another one with the same name but instead of "Processed" with the end "Originals". In that folder I put all my photos. In a first view I select which photos are garbage and delete them.

    With Luminar I develope and prepare the rest of the photos, wether these are RAW or JPEG files.

    When finished I save them in my first folder (processed) with the same name but with the suffix "C" (for copy). And all finished photos I mark with a red label. So I can easily see what are the final result photos and can also choose all photos I have finished - In Luminar: show all photos with red label or photos who were processed

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