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    David Kirtlan

    The more time I spend with Luminar 4, I find myself a bit split with my thoughts... there are some things I really like, but I also seem to be looking for filters that just don't seem to be there any more... 

    I can't get on with the new workflow, I find it massively over simplified and aimed at people new to editing, rather than the thorough and quick workflow of the previous version. Where has the develop module gone, and the workspaces, and the clarity of filters applied when using layers... big backward step in usability. 

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    Helga Rowles

    Hi Cris and David, thanks a lot for sharing your impressions with our team.

    As for your questions, the Raw Develop filter in Luminar 3 has been split into 2 parts in Luminar 4:

    1. The Lens correction tools are available in Canvas > Lens & Geometry (see the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/pvxg3z)

    2. The Light Adjustments (such as Temperature, Exposure, etc.) can be accessed via Essentials > Light) (see: http://prntscr.com/pvxhfc)

    You can check this table to see where Luminar 3 filters can be found: https://media.macphun.com/uploads/uploads/skylum/pdf/Onboarding_Luminar_4_Blog_Post-2.


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    Tom Pickering


    The link to that table is no good.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Tom,

    Sorry for the broken link! Here you go:


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    Marco Antunes


    I'm a amateur photographer and I've been using Lightroom since version 3. I've stop photographing a few years and my last LR version is 5. Since I cannot upgrade it and I don't want to subscribe Adobe CC, I've decide to look around and find an alternative -- as it seems by many people in the world that write in the blogs and photography sites...

    After reading many articles, I've decide to buy Luminar 4 almost the date it was released. Perhaps because the message was attractive and I really don't want to spend days in the workflow process. I've a Nikon D600 and I shoot RAW so I want to shoot photos, process them quickly and "publish" them as fast as possible.

    So, my experience with Luminar 4 went from a few initially hours of frustration since I was pretty much acquainted with the Lightroom interface, to delight using Luminar 4. The learning curve was softed by viewing some of the available videos and it just came natural. And the sw. is fantastic! Yes, sure it has its issues. Still a bit slow specially processing RAW files; was crashing a lot in version 4.0 but version 4.1 fixed that; but so Lightroom is slow and crashes...

    In terms of the best functionalities, AI is a time saver and it just works! The erase function is fantastic! The "Looks" are also great after exploring a bit how these work and how to combine multiple if needed. I was a bit concerned if I would find everything I would need in terms of functionalities moving from Lighttoom buy now that I've been using Luminar 4 for a couple of weeks and processed around 200 photos, the answer is "YES" -- in terms of the workflow process and time spent on each photo, it reduced by half using Luminar 4. All in all I'm quite happy and the sw. just works!

    So, thanks for the very good work so far and keep improving it.

    (and no, I don't work for Skylum. I just find honest to give positive feedback as well when it's deserved)


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