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    Helena Carter

    Hi Wolfgang, Bill,

    We plan to release a performance update by the end of the year. As for now, there's no exact date yet. We will keep you posted.

    As to the refund, if you pre-ordered Luminar 4, the money-back guarantee period is 30 days from the day of Luminar 4 release. If you've purchased it later, 30 days from the purchase date.

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    Bill H

    That's a good question Wolfgang and it's the same dilemma that I had when recently considering if I should go ahead and request a refund for Luminar 4.  Within my support request I presented this same scenario; by the time the update is released, will I be outside of my 30 day money back guarantee?  If the update doesn't fix things sufficiently and the issues persist, where does that leave me?   But Instead of reassuring me, providing any specifics about the impending update or offering to extend my money back period; Skylum's preference was to process the refund with zero dialogue.   In this scenario, if I wanted to remain a Luminar 4 customer, it would be at my own risk.  So ultimately, I did get a refund and an indirect answer to my question!  I'll continue to monitor progress and may purchase Luminar 4 again at some point in the future, but only when it's clear that the key issues are being addressed and there's a reasonable degree of tangible progress being made. 

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    Wolfgang Jarcik

    thanks Bill,
    for your opinion and your report. I think and wait a few days before I decide.

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