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    Anna V

    Hi Shivanand and Francois, 

    Luminar 4 is fully compatible with Catalina. 

     Please try reinstalling the app in the following way:

    • delete the app with AppCleaner. Download AppCleaner from here: 
    • Go to Pictures -> Luminar 4 Catalog and rename this folder (if you have created the Catalog in another Location, please navigate there and rename the Catalog folder).
    • Open Luminar 4 Catalog folder, locate the file Luminar 4 Catalog.luminar and change its name too. 
    • Go to Application Support (launch Finder > Go > Go to Folder > paste /Library/Application Support/MacPhun Software and delete Luminar4 folder.
    • Go to Terminal and type: defaults delete com.skylum.luminar4 , then click enter.
    • After that please install from the link below:

    If the issue remains please contact us via  and send us a detailed step-by-step description of what you do in the software before encountering the issue. Please make sure to copy and paste the link to this thread in your email. You can also make a screen recording, we will be very grateful for that:

    If the issue occurs when you're working on an image please send us the image file. Here's how:

    1. Visit
    2. If it's your first time visiting this website, it might ask you to purchase a subscription. Simply select to proceed with the free version.
    3. Click Add your files.
    4. Select the file(s) on your computer.
    5. After you see all the files you need to send appear in the list, click the icon to the left of the Transfer button (the icon looks like a circle with three dots in it).
    6. In Send As select Link.
    7. Click Transfer.
    8. After the files have finished uploading, click Copy Link and paste it into the reply to this email.

    In order for us to directly track this issue, please send us your Hardware UUID:

    1. Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
    2. Click About This Mac.
    3. In the window that opens, click System Report.
    4. In the window that opens, make sure Hardware is selected in the column on the left.
    5. Locate the Hardware UUID string, copy it, and paste it into your reply to this email.

    In case the issue leads to a crash, send us crash reports:

    1. Open Finder.
    2. Click Go in the top menu > click Go to Folder.
    3. Paste the following path: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports and click Go.
    4. In the folder that opens find the most recent files with Luminar 4 in their names and attach them to your email.

    In case there are no crashes, collect the log from the console:

    1. In Finder, navigate to Applications > Utilities.
    2. Start Console.
    3. Type in Luminar in Console's search bar in the upper right and press Enter on your keyboard.
    4. Start Luminar and try reproducing the issue. Make sure to note all the steps you perform in the app that cause the issue.
    5. Go back to Console, select all entries in it (to do so you can press CMD+A on your keyboard) and press CMD+C on your keyboard to copy them to clipboard.
    6. Create a new text document and paste (CMD+V) the contents of the clipboard there.
    7. Send us the text document you created in Step 6.

    Your cooperation is highly appreciated. 

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    Francois BONNO

    même chose pour moi !!!

    et sans télécharger Catalina ??? (pas recommandé !!!)

    Luminar 4 a fonctionné 3 jours, là, il s'ouvre, et disparait en se chargeant ???

    message: "crash" !!!

    je l'ai réinstalleé plusieurs fois...pareil !!!

    SKYLUM a un gros souci de stabilité de son logiciel Luminar 4 !!!

    (Luminar 3 2018 fonctionne sans souci !!!)

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    Shivanand Oss

    Same thing today, Angela. My first image was processed by Luminar4. My second image got this message: "Cannot Start Editing. Photo cannot load adjustments. Please try again." Needless to say, after trying again I got the same message.

    Sleepless in London

    Shivanand Oss


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