OpenGl 3.3 and Remote Desktop



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    Julia Kot Kot

    Please try to fix it by updating the graphics drivers. You can do it here


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    Steev Selby

    G'day Julia - Sorry this wasn't a bug report with Luminar .. rather a work around for windows and Luminar.

    Below are how opengl is reported on the host when logged into the host machine via remote desktop and how it's reported on the host machine itself.

    Export tiff times on the remote machine (laptop) are @2mins 45 secs, when compared to the host machine @20secs.

    Anyhow will get a new laptop one day and this will all be water under the bridge ... love love love the product .. can't wait to see whats around the corner .. 


    Steev S

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    Fernando Ariznavarreta

    This is not an issue of skylum or luminar.


    You are using a remote connection and windows uses a generic display driver to render and transmit the display image to the remote machine.

    As it is displayed in the info you provided, that driver only supports opengl version 1.1.


    I am not sure if there is a way to update the driver of the remote connection or other program that does remote connection and uses the local display driver of your laptop or something like that.


    Another way to connect to your desktop display is via wifi using intel widi under windows 10.

    You can get displayed the desktop computer in your laptop (using windows 10 project display via wifi widi).

    But both computers have to support widi (your wifi chip must support it in the desktop). I guess you can buy an adapter for your desktop, may be you need a receiver in your laptop.


    It is a much better way than remote connection when you use graphics intensive programs in your desktop.

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