Skylum appears to be consistent -- in missing yet another delivery date and in confusing (misleading?) customers



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    Elena Blum

    Hi Carl,

    Please note that only early-birds are entitled to an early download.

    Early birds are the customers who were among the first 20,000 purchasers of Luminar 4 and pre-ordered their copy up to and including August 7. These customers have received the Luminar 4 copies on November 11.

    The official release date is on November 18. Please stay tuned and you can try Luminar 4 features on your own after the release within 7-days free trial.

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    John Franks

    I too am very disappointed that there is no free update for loyal Luminar 3 users.

    I first purchased Luminar 2018 on 15/11/2017, after originally using the PC Beta Luminar version. Ever since I have regrettably felt that the software has always been somewhat incomplete, many promised upgrades and deadlines have passed. The marketing hype raised my expectation of having a fully functioning and complete software package at some time in the future and that I do not feel I have. What I have is a potentially great product, but still in beta version.

    With the announcement of Luminar 4, for which I would have to purchase to upgrade, I now feel very underwhelmed and let down by Luminar. You say you will still continue upgrades to Luminar 3, well that just maybe another marketing promise that may well fall by the wayside.

    All I can say is that I am glad I held on to my Lightroom 5.

    Why do this to loyal customers.

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