Aurora HDR 2019 No meta data



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    Kate Williams

    Hi Ede,

    We recommend using the plugin this way: right-click on the image > Export > Aurora HDR 2019 > Export a photo with Lightroom adjustments/Open source photo. 

    When you invoke the app as a plugin, it will create a 

    Please try doing so and let us know how it works for you. If the issue persists, please, get in touch with us via and provide us with the screenshots indicating the issue. 

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    Ede Sartori

    Thanks Kate.

    Your way is working but still missing the Metadata Preset (it shows non) which I can work with.

    TY for your help. I have always transferred the image via 

    File > plug-in extras > HDR or right click image and edit in HDR (this way the metadata does not get transferred.

    Lastly My apologies for my comment. I was getting very frustrated.


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