Alignment for using the Aurora output as a blended layer over original


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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Kevin,

    Aurora aligns the images automatically and then trims the edges that do not overlap with the other layers so that the final HDR has data from all three exposures in all visible areas.

    In order to align the images you'll need to check the box upon import to align the images. Ghosting is an additional step in which you can choose to  how much deghosting to apply, and which exposure to use as a reference. Deghosting minimizes movement in the frame such as a person walking/moving through the series of images, a flag blowing in the wind, etc.

    If you plan to use the HDR as a layer in another application it is best to do so in an app that has its own automatic alignment functionality. You can also manually align images by decreasing the opacity of the top layer and then manually moving it into place with the base layer.

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