Aurora HDR - Throw a "Highlight Clipping" Warning before returning to the calling program




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    Vita Bergman

    Hi Robert! For a deeper look, please contact our team so we can investigate.

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    Robert GLOD

    This was not meant as a bug report, but as a feature request:
    - Call Aurora HDR in Plugin mode from LightRoom.
    - Do a lot of work: adjustments, layers, editings, ...
    - Push the "Apply" button to return to LightRoom.
    - Back in LR, you notice that the highlights of some regions are clipped.
    + Oops! I Forgot to check/adjust the highlights clipping before returning to Lightroom! (User error, not a software bug.)
    + Did you noticed that I did not saved my work as .auh file, so I can not return to Aurora HDR and correct my work. I have to start editing from the beginning!

    My feature request:
    - If there is some important "Highlight Clipping", you should throw a "Highlight Clipping" Warning (a window indicating "There is some severe Highlight Clipping, are you sure you want to return to the calling program?") before returning to the calling program (LightRoom).
    - If the work is not saved as .auh file, you may also throw a "Work not saved as .auh file" Warning before returning to the calling program (LightRoom).

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    Kate Williams

    Robert, thank you for the clarification and for a detailed description. 

    I'm sure this will be a good feature to add to the program. I'll pass this insight to our engineering team for further consideration.


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