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    Elena Blum

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your suggestions for improving the program. 

    Back to suggestion #1, as you may find a particular combination of adjustments and editings that you like, Custom  Aurora HDR Looks can store a lot of control in an easy, one-click effect.

    • Adjust an existing Aurora HDR Look or add your own effects to an image.
    • Click the Save Filters as Aurora HDR Look button at the bottom-right of the Filters controls.
    • A dialog will pop-up at the top of the window asking you to name your Look.
Give it a descriptive name to help you remember what situations a Look is useful for. Click the Create New Aurora HDR Look button to store the  Aurora HDR Look. Once you've added the Look, it will appear in the User Aurora HDR Looks group.

    More about creating and working with custom looks here>

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