luminar 4 sky library : need thumbnails




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    Anna V

    Hi Marc, 

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    We indeed are going to add the thumbnails next to the skies. 

    Stay tuned! 



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    marc labro


    it seems that thumbnails are not implemented yet in luminar 4. It is very difficult to select a sky based on its name.

    I also see collections of skies on marketplace but again we need previews to use such packs.

    when will this be implemented ?

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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Marc! 

    Yes, we still have it in plans. I will forward your comments to our developers.

    Best regards,

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    Rick Ohnsman

    In the meantime, Here is the path to the files (On a PC).  I would imagine the location isn't that much different on a Mac.  Once you locate the files, you can print a reference sheet of thumbnails.  There are various programs that will do that.

    My PC >

    Local Disc (normally) “C” >

    Program Files (not Program Files x86) >

    Skylum Folder >

    Luminar 4 Folder >

    Profiles >

    Sky Textures Folder {contains the sky images)

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