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    Anna V

    Hi Jim, 

    Manually installing the plugin should help:

    1. Make sure Photoshop Elements is closed.
    2. Click Go > Go to Folder and paste the following path: /Library/Application Support/MacPhun Software/Luminar3/Plug-Ins/. There will be a bunch of files in there, the one you're interested in is Luminar3Plugin.plugin.
    3. Open a new Finder tab or window and navigate to Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements/Support Files/Plug-ins/Filters
    4. Copy Luminar3Plugin.plugin into the folder that you opened in Step 3.


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    Ritz Steytler

    I have encountered a serious issue with the App Store version of Photoshop Elements 2020.

    I own all the Skylum photo products (Luminar, Aurora HDR, Photolemur and Creative Kit CK). I have been using them without issue for years and have historically had no problems with using their plugins with Photoshop Elements.

    I recently updated Photoshop Elements to the latest version (2020 from the Mac App Store) and now none of the plugins work.

    All the Creative Kit plugins simply crash Photoshop Elements 2020. For Aurora HDR, I get the error "A program error has occurred". For Photolemur and Luminar 4, the plugin does not do anything. All the plugins are correctly installed in the Photoshop Elements 2020 plugins directory (~/Library/Containers/com.adobe.pse18editor/Data/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop Elements 18 Editor/Plug-ins). I have no problem with running any other Photoshop Elements 2020 plugin (DXO Viewpoint and DXO Filmpack). 

    I have been swapping emails with Skylum Tech Support on this for weeks now and they have just confirmed that Luminar 4 (and probably all their other products) is not supported as a plugin for App Store Photoshop Elements 2020.

    Very disappointing and I hope it will be fixed soon :-(

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    Vita Bergman

    Hi Ritz!

    Please note that the Creative Kit apps are the legacy apps that are no longer updated. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a smooth performance.

    In any case, we will make sure to have a deeper look at this issue.

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