One year of love/hate with Luminar



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    Kirk Osborn

    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.

    Thanks for trying to make Luminar better.

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    chetan panchal

    i agree with your thoughts @Giorgio Piarulli. even i moved to L3 from LR, but now regret as its DAM feature is horrible, lot of promises made during launch and now they have changed their focus. will never buy and other product from Skylum.

    Only wish is that they fix all the issues with DAM and fulfill the promises they made during L3 launch. i am still sure once they fix it will bounce back and will get their users back.

    thank you

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    Anastasia Davis

    Hi Chetan! We are working on Luminar 3 also. There will be updates. You can check out the roadmap:


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    Tony Money

    I agree with Giorgio Piarulli.

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