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    Helena Carter

    John Sullivan,

    Thanks so much for your suggestion! I'll make sure to pass it to our developers. Regarding workspaces location, are you referring to Luminar 3? The thins is, there are no Workspaces in Luminar 4.


    Pete Stretch,

    Regarding GPU, you're right.

    As to the performance, it might depend on many factors. We'll surely let you know via email how you can speed up the workflow.

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    Pete Stretch

    Hi John, As far as I'm aware, Luminar 4 doesn't utilise your GPU, which is a real downer for me. Please correct me if I'm wrong Luminar folk! I'm trying the demo, but it's painfully slow either in LR or as a standalone, and I have a grunty machine. It's very cool, but in my workflow it's too time consuming. I have emailed them about this, and there is some stuff around re this problem.

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