Histogram Wish for next update (Windows)



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    Julia Kot

    Thanks, Beji.

    Thanks for providing us with your comments.

    I'll pass them to our devs for their consideration. 


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    Fernando Ariznavarreta

    Well, it should remember your preferences and keep the option you selected the las time you have run the program.


    Another small improvement is enclosing the histogram in a white border frame that helps you to see where the limits of the histogram are.

    Now you cannot see how close are the whites or blacks to the extreme.

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    John Shumake

    I requested something along the same line for the Windows version.  As in Lightroom, I would like to see the ability to press the 'j' key to turn on and off the clipping indicators in the histogram.  I would also like to have the ability to hold down the ALT key while dragging the WHITE and BLACK sliders to see clipping in the image on a white or black background.  I didn't realize how much I used this until I found Luminar doesn't do it.  I understand the Apple version does have this feature.  

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    Mariia Divavina

    Hi John,

    We will do our best to add these features to the Windows version of Luminar 2018 as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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