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    Julia Kot

    I'll pass your request to our devs for their consideration.

    Thanks for letting us know what you are looking for!

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    Sherwood Botsford

    Aperture does this fairly well.  You can do "New Version" which copies the change file or you can do "New Version from Master" which allows you to start fresh.

    That said, it gets messier than this:  At some point you need a bitmap of the file.  And you want to track these files too.




       Version1 Cropped and dust removal

            Version 2 Added Watermark.

                   Exported as Mastername-v2-watermark.jpg

            Exported at 768x1024 for facebook as mastername-v1-facebook.jpg
            Exported at  400x600 for newsletter as mastername-v1-news.jpg

      Version 3  from master, converted to black and white, 

            Exported to Nix Silver for B&W processing
            Import Nix version back
            Version 4, based on version 3 -- Use luminar to add dramatic sky

                  Exported from version 4 and mailed to local newspaper b&w photo contest.



    This isn't unrealistic.  I have sets of images that have 18 different resolutions.

    Now from the image, find the master.

    Imagine you are a wedding photographer.  The people kept the proof prints with your water mark, and come back two years later with the print, and say, "We need an 8x10 of this for Aunt Martha.  Now you have to find the master image.

    Or someone has used the version you posted to facebook illegally, and you want to prove ownership by showing that you have the master image.

    Or you are converting your website to make it more mobile friendly, so you need a lower res version of every image on your website.

    Versioning has to track not only versions (a different set of modifications) but also files (a physically different file possibly at a different resolution, possibly composited from multiple images, maybe in a different file format.


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    Tom Treuten

    I strongly support virtual copies.

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