Option to select any language available to Aurora and not force the regional language



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    Julia Kot

    Hi Steve,

    We will consider adding "Change Language" option to Aurora HDR 2018.

    For now, the language of our software depends on the system language.

    However, you can try to manually change it.

    You should change the language of the Region on your computer.

    ON WIN 10

    Please follow the steps: 

    1. Open Settings window

    2.  Select Region & language

    3. In the Related settings part click "Additional Date, time & regional settings". See the screenshot: 

    4.  Click Region > Change location > Formats > select English > click OK


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    Len Stewart

    I have the same problem: Aurora asked what language during setup, and I selected "English." But, now after Aurora tutorial in English, the operating interface is in Spanish. I did buy my computer in Mexico, but my Spanish is way to rudimentary to operate HDR or any other post processing software. How can I change to English? Should be an easy selection. All my other software has such an option.


    I followed the above instructions, but it did not change the language.

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    Angela Andrieux

    Hi Len,

    You should be able to select the language of your choice in the File menu 

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