Transformation with guides



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    Phil Hurd

    Have a look at the Transform box in the Develop Filter. There is a grid and you can adjust for verticals and horizontals plus rotate, aspect scale, Y offset, X offset

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    Julia Kot

    Hi Michel,

    Please note that we will add the Transform tool to PC version in the upcoming patches. You can also use sliders in RAW Develop / Develop filter. 

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    Fernando Ariznavarreta

    An authomatic transform tool would be greatly wellcome.


    It is of great help to start from what the software beleive as a correct transform, it save you time and efforts (if it makes a good guess).

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    Michael Cowl

    Absolutely agree with the need for a robust filter for architectural photography to correct converging verticals etc. I looked at some competitor software offerings (for Mac) that were more inclusive for this type of editing. The transform tool with the other supporting edits seem to work to a point but not as effectively as is necessary. Have only just started using Luminar so maybe I'm missing a few tricks in the software..... 

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