CK apps functionality needed in Luminar



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    Colin Grant

    What functionality do you reckon is needed, Michael - the eraser must be one? What you say re DxO is apposite but where Luminar wins is the interface. DxO, which I love, is positively clunky by comparison.

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    Julia Kot

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    Could you please elaborate more on which exact capabilities of CK apps you miss in Luminar? 


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    Phil Hurd

    Focus CK

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    Dave Yuriar

    I agree about inter-operability w/DXO products. I just bought Photolab with the intention of using DXO for RAW corrections and hand it off to Luminar for color tweaking and fine-tuning the image.
    I’m hoping it will be a good fit as I like both products. Would be nice if could hand off the RAW file instead of TIFF.

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